Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles offer many advantage such as -
  • Easy to clean: Got a stain, just pop out the tile and clean it in a sink. And if you have a tough stain just replace one tile – not the whole room.
  • Durability: Carpet tiles are engineered to be tough that means a long performance life.
  • Design Flexibility: As it’s sectional, you can mix and match carpet tile colours and patterns to create your own unique look. Combine it with other floor coverings for a performance engineered work environment that has visual appeal and fits your long-term flooring budget. Tile can be installed in a variety of ways from monolithic, to complementary, to mix-and-match. The good news is, if you want to change the look, you can simply change out tiles strategically for a fresh appeal. That sure beats scrapping all the flooring and starting over!
  • Performance: Be it PVC back or Bitumen back or carpet tile holds up. For high-traffic retail spaces, corporate offices, stain-prone restaurants and everything in between, tile fits the bill. It lasts and looks better longer because it’s built to perform – now and down the road.
  • Easy to install: Carpet tile is easy to install over almost any smooth surface. And because each piece is dimensionally identical to the next, you get a perfectly “square” job every time. Plus, the variety of installation methods allows each space to have its own look and feel.

  • We deliver products that fit your budget – and your schedule.
  • HEGO has efficiency and economies of scale; we offer the tile which gives value proposition.
  • Our carpet tile does not to shrink, cup, curl, dome, edge ravel or delaminates. HEGO tiles maintain resilience throughout their life and resist.
  • Our experienced flooring consultants with a sales force dedicated to each customer segment, our customers can be sure that we understand your needs and the product which fits you the best.
  • Using the best transportation resources, we can deliver and install carpet tile wherever your projects are.
  • HEGO’s Aesthetics, Functionality, Quality, Value, Environmental responsibility fulfil all customer floor covering goals.

> Are they suitable for kids rooms?

They're simple to clean and the bright colours appeal to children.

> Will I need someone to come and fit the tiles or will I be able to do the job myself?

For best installation of carpet tiles please consider calling a professional.

> Do the tiles need special maintenance?

No, just regular vacuuming because we only use the best quality fibres to manufacture our carpet tiles. They will not shrink, warp or lose their colour.

> Do carpet tiles require underlay and does the floor need special treatment before carpet tiles can be installed?

Carpet tiles have a special backing carpet underlay is not required. Your floor must be clean, dry and level.

> How should I judge the quality and value of carpet tiles?

There is no simple answer. When you find a carpet that you like, suitable for your room, at a price that suits your budget, your biggest concern should then be "how well will it keep its looks?"

> There is now a wide choice of different styles of carpet tile, how do I select the best for my home?

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal choice - choosing by colour, design and texture. However, it is important to take into account suitability of the carpet for the way you live i.e. pets, house/flat, children etc. and the room(s) for which it is intended.

> How should I tackle spillages such as wine on my carpet tiles?

For those inevitable spills and little accidents, prompt treatment is the most successful course of action. Scrape up any solids as soon as possible and any excess liquid can be soaked up by using absorbent material and pressing firmly. Sponge clean if required or tiles can be lifted and rinsed under the tap. If a detergent solution is used, ensure that all traces are removed.